“We don’t have this in my country”: Pinkberry

One of the best things about being an expat in the USA is finally getting to partake in all the things you’ve seen Americans eating/drinking/doing/talking about on television for so long, without having to wait for it to come to your country.

This week, we take a look at frozen yoghurt chain Pinkberry (less girly than it sounds).

What is it?

A frozen yoghurt chain that is quickly becoming the Starbucks of fro-yo.

Why is it a big deal?

Known as ‘Crackberry’ to its more ardent fans, the appeal seems to be that it just tastes better. Whereas the frozen yoghurt at most places is basically glorified ice cream, Pinkberry yoghurts have a renowned tartness that sets them apart. That and unlimited toppings.

What does it mean to Americans?

A delightfully different sugar fix that you’ll have to line up for. When the first Pinkberry was opened in 2005, the LA Times described it as “the taste that launched 1,000 parking tickets”, due to the lines that stretched outside the door at its West Hollywood location.

Where might I have seen it?

Pinkberry was a rather central plot point in an episode on the last season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, where Larry eats a portion intended for Jeff’s dying dog.

So what should I get?

Whatever you get, ask for lots of toppings. The fruit is cut fresh on-site, so I’d go for a medium original with kiwi fruit and strawberries or mango.

When can I get it back home?

Pinkberry seems to be expanding into unconventional markets. While Canada only has one location, there are already ten in the Middle East (of course it is a lot hotter there, so there’s probably more call for it). The UK got its first location just last month.


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